Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supplies Me! Sale Recap

Last Saturday, Etsy Dallas presented the first ever "Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale" in the Blue Room at South Side on Lamar. It was a big hit! Ten Etsy Dallas members sold art and craft supplies from their personal stashes to the general public.

Thanks to a mention in The Dallas Morning News, we had a great early crowd! Shoppers were treated to a wide variety of fabrics, yarns, notions, papers, beads and unique finds at garage sale prices.

In addition to each vendor having their own table, Etsy Dallas had a table with goods donated from the team. Proceeds from the sales from the team table went to Captain Hope's Kids. Leftover art and craft supplies from the team table and from all the vendors were rounded up at the end as donations. In addition, Make Shop and Studio joined in on the fun, donating items for the free raffle including $15 coupons and one free class!

We're proud to say that we donated $218.97 and collected 10 bags of art and craft supplies for Captain Hope's Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides clothing, diapers, and other childcare supplies for homeless children all across North Texas. Through their programs, events, and partnerships, they help meet the needs of our community’s homeless children.

This was truly a team effort that benefited everyone: members cleaned out their clutter, shoppers bought goodies at a steal, money was raised for a great local kid's charity, and excess art and craft supplies found a worthy home that will make lots of kids happy.

Stay tuned to find out what we're planning for this event next year!

Posted by Anne of Modest Ambition

Friday, June 25, 2010

Craft Parties all over Texas

Dallas threw it's big Etsy Craft Party on June 18th, but also many other cities across the world threw their very own Etsy Craft Party to celebrate Etsy Inc's 5th birthday. In Texas, we had 5 major cities make it into the top 50 biggest Craft Parties in the world. That was out of about 500+ parties worldwide. Go Texas!

So to keep the party going, check out our friends Craft Party pics from Etsy Austin, Etsy Houston, and Alamo City Etsy.

Etsy Austin celebrated the Craft Party with some great DIY crafts. Over 70 people showed up to make buttons, shrinky dinks and even silk screen bags and clothing with Austin artist Amy of Craft Chi, who created some custom artwork for all the Etsy Craft Parties. How cool of them to have a crafty celebrity at the party!

Check out more of the Austin fun here.

Alamo City Handmade (formerly Alamo City Etsy) threw their party at Sew Deluxe, a San Antonio favorite station for creativity. The party brought on yummy food from G&G Moblie Bistro, make & take projects, and tons of great door prizes. Visitors enjoyed making bottle cap pinbacks, screenprinting, knitting, sewing and much more.

Check out more of this party here.

Etsy Houston, held the 2nd biggest Etsy Craft Party in the world. Go Houston! We are so proud of our sister team from the south. The Houston Party was held at Sew Crafty, and people enjoyed treats, goody bags, and DIY projects.

Check out the party slideshow and see more pics here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: June 26

Members of Etsy Dallas will be offering their coveted supplies for sale to the public, including: fabric, beads, and loads of other crafty odds and ends. Stock up on unique finds to help you express your artistic side. Come early for refreshments and to get the good stuff before it's gone.

Proceeds from sales at the Etsy Dallas team table will be donated to Captain Hope’s Kids, a nonprofit that provides clothing, diapers, and other childcare supplies for homeless children all across North Texas.

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 11am - 2pm
Location: Blue Room, South Side on Lamar, Dallas (map)
Cost: Free! Open to the public
More Info: click here

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 8pm
Location: Samuell Grand Amphitheatre
Cost: Tickets $10
More Info: click here
Shop Etsy Dallas: Signifying Not

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 9am - 1pm
Location: Move Studio
Cost: FREE
More Info: click here
Shop Etsy Dallas: Kessler Craftsman

Come experience our retro glamour with the launch of the 2010 Sky Girls swim suit collection by Tara to the T! Sky Girls hits the runway this Saturday!

Bid on paintings by renowned Iraqi artist Abdul Ameer Alwan in a silent auction. His pieces, which were displayed at the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art and survived the Iraqi War, depict a sensivity to women and their sexual empowerment that was forbidden during the regime of Saddam Hussein. Visit the Humane Society's Feed-a-Dog-for-a-Day interactive kiosk. A percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction benefit theHumane Society of Dallas County (a.k.a. Dog and Kitty City).

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 8pm - midnight
Locations: Studios 1019, 2278 Monitor st. Dallas, TX
More Info: click here
Shop Etsy Dallas: Tara to the T

More Craft Party Pics

The Etsy Craft Party, hosted by Etsy Dallas and Make, kicked off at 7pm Friday night and people were at Make Shop * Studio early ready to party!

Make and Etsy Dallas put together 2 awesome free crafts for our party-goers: no sew bunting and fabric flower brooches!

All the crafts everyone made turned out really cute. Dallas really has a lot of crafty talent!!

Paco, the handmade donkey piñata, hung out all night in our Etsy Dallas Photo Booth modeling with his new friends and their silly props.

See! Paco is so good at holding a pose. Shazam!

We had five free raffles of free handmade goodies and crafty supplies. At the top of the evening, we did our biggest raffle, a brand new Kenmore Sewing Machine!! Then Make Shop * Studio offered up a surprise raffle for $100 card for free classes. We are so happy for our six lucky winners who probably all muttered "I never win anything" right before they're numbers were called.

The evening ended like any 5th birthday, with the busting of a piñata. We were sad to see Paco go, but happy to find him stuffed with tasty candy and treats! Don't worry, we saved his head, and will properly mount him on a plaque. So you may see him again in our next photo booth!

Thanks to all who came and helped us put this party on. We had so much fun celebrating Etsy's 5th birthday.

Thanks to Etsy for making it 5 years and sending us tons of freebies that we got to raffle off!

Thanks to all you Dallas crafties who came to party with us! We heart you and we hope you can make it out to the next Etsy Dallas Event.

Thanks to Julie and the staff at Make Shop*Studio for co-hosting the party!

Huge mega-thanks to participating Etsy Dallas members and their loved ones for coming together to help pull this off: Cut Out and Collect, Midnight Snack, Three Yellow Starfish, Kessler Craftsman, The Pig and the Peacock, Maggie May I, tefi, Pamela Michelle, Dowdy Studio, Seen Studios, One Up Designs, The Miscellany, Karma Crochet, Haute Hardware, laura davis design lab, Alicia Colina-Ashby, and Eye on the Sparrow!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Overheard in the Team Forum

One of the advantages of being a team member of Etsy Dallas is having access to our private forum. We chat about all sorts of things crafty and not-so-crafty. Read below to gain a bit of insight into the fun things we here at Etsy Dallas like to chat about!

Any craft gossip you'd like to share with the team? New shops, cool shows, great online resources, etc?

Laura says: Has everyone heard of Spoonflower? It's an online fabric-printing service... pretty awesome.

Carrie says: Here's a secret: I love glitter! It may be the 'herpes of the craft world' (as Pam calls it) but gosh darn it, it makes me happy.

Pamela says: This just came down the pipeline.

What are you working on right now?

Sabrina says: Jenny and I are headed down to Austin this weekend for an ice skating competition-wish us luck (we need it!!).

Cheyne says: I'm hoping to design an entirely new large handbag pattern because I'M TOTALLY GOING TO THE 8TH ANNUAL RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR in CHICAGO!

Patricia says: I'm already starting to list new items for fall/winter and knitting/crocheting at least 6 hours a day so I'm in full production mode.

Laura says: I'm mostly working on work-work stuff, which means upholstery designs for Lilly Pulitzer to come out in the fall.

Larry says: I've just installed a huge 24 x 24 inch pro-level glass kiln....very exciting!

Tefi says: Lots of new jewelry made with rainforest nut beads my mom brought back from Colombia.

Pamela says: Helping Dylan redo his studio for a little photo shoot on Thursday.

Erin says: I plan on doing a lot of jewelry and sewing once my new craft room is up & running. Finally I won't have to hijack the kitchen table when I want to get creative.

Maggie says: Right before I took a break to hop on the computer I was pricing items for the Supplies Me! sale.

Summer says: Got commissioned to paint a big backdrop illustration!

Jacky says: Working on filling an order for the new JFK museum.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Tefi says: Getting drunk at Pam + Dylan's wedding.

Carrie says: Getting a 'real' faculty job.

Laura says: My 30th birthday!

Pamela says: Tefi getting drunk at my wedding.

Kelly says: I am trying to open a retail sewing boutique. I just had about 250 lbs of fabric delivered to my house. I want to cut into all of it!

Chet says: Spending every waking hour preparing materials for my booth at next
month's San Diego Comic Con.

Which celebrity would you totally freak out about if they stopped by your booth at a show and bought your goods?

Tefi says: Colin Firth (apparently, I missed my chance with Bradley Whitford)

Carrie says: David Lynch

Laura says: Zooey Deschanel or Jack White

Patricia says: I'm not big on celebrities and if one comes to buy something probably I will not recognize him/her at all.

Cheyne says: I'd pee myself if I got to meet Bill Murray.

Erin says: Sarah Jessica Parker

Silla says: Henry Cavill from The Tudors. YUMMOLA. He needs him some silla soup up in his hair. (then Tefi says: Uh-uh Silla. No way. Back. Off.)

Larry says: Klaus Moje ..but y'all probably don't know who he is. He's a glass guy.

Summer says: David Sedaris

Jacky says: Lady Gaga

photo credits: Glitter by DorisDotz, Renegade pic by Renegade Craft Fair, Bill Murray by unknown

Compiled and posted by Stephanie "tefi" Hindall

Monday, June 21, 2010

What is a Destash Anyway?


Crafters are known hoarders. That’s not a secret. But every once in a while it’s time to clean the clutter and move on from projects never realized, inspiration long gone, and leftover supplies from projects already completed. Destashing is the process of unloading the “stash.”

As a crafty creative person I love working with other people’s leftovers. A jar full of zippers from the 1960s? Joy! A basket of buttons and a box of trim from my great aunt? A real find. As I sort through my own stash and the accumulation of things both bought and inherited, I am happy to have a venue to share these beloved treasures with other crafty creatives. I might have the centerpiece of his or her next amazing creation.

Come see what other Etsy Dallas members might have in their stash that could be yours! Participating members, include:

Bead Circle
Cut Out and Collect
La Alicia
Maggie May I
Miamaria Design
Modest Ambition
One Up Designs
Where Water Comes Down
XY Factory

Shop art and craft supplies from Dallas’ craftiest!

Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale
Saturday, June 26, 11 am–2 pm in the Blue Room at South Side on Lamar in Dallas
1409 South Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Etsy Dallas + Make Craft Party Recap

Paco the Donkey Piñata

Etsy Dallas, the local craft collective, celebrated Etsy Inc.'s birthday with Make Shop*Studio on Friday, June 18th. We enjoyed some DIY crafts from Make, sipped on boozy party punch, munched on cupcakes, entered some sweet raffles and gave out prizes, and bashed a handmade piñata! (RIP Paco the Donkey) Those who arrived early snagged a bag of Etsy Dallas party favors at our FREE Etsy Dallas Photobooth.

Thanks to all who came out and partied with us! Many cities across the globe were putting on their own Craft Parties and Dallas had the biggest in the world. So thanks for making Dallas the capital of handmade cool!

We've uploaded the photo booth photos into our flickr account so they can be easily viewed, downloaded, and shared by all! CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Get in on the fun!

1) Find your photo in our Photo Booth Set

2) Click on the thumbnail to view the photo. If you're having a hard time finding your photo in the thumbnails, choose one at the beginning and you can manually scroll each photograph until you find your pretty face!

3) If you find a photograph you'd like to download, click the "all sizes" icon above the top left corner of the photograph. You can then choose the size of the photo you'd like to download and save to your computer. (see below screen shot if you're not finding the button).

4) Save 'em! Get 'em printed! Put em on your facebook! Use them as your desktop background! They're all yours!

Want to edit your photo but don't have the software?
Picnik is a great, free photo editing website online. You don't need a flickr account to download your photo - but we totally recommend the site for all of your photo sharing needs. Come join the fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: June 18 - 20

Celebrate Etsy Inc.'s birthday with Etsy Dallas and Make Shop*Studio on Friday, June 18th. Enjoy free DIY crafts from Make, Sip on boozy party punch, munch on cupcakes, and bash a handmade piñata and even win a new sewing machine! Arrive early to snag a bag of Etsy Dallas party favors. Get your souvenir picture taken in the Etsy Dallas photo booth. All for FREE!

Date: Friday, June 18th
Time: 7-9 PM
Cost: FREE!!
More Info: click here
Etsy Dallas will be there! Come say hello and party with us

Artist Trunk Show at New Harmony

New harmony is offering a free Yoga lesson along with some free juice and a trunk show featuring 3 Etsy Dallas members.

Date: Saturday, June 19th
Time: 1pm - 7pm
Cost: FREE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Win a Free Sewing Machine from Etsy Dallas + Make!

This, my friends, is a brand spanking new Kenmore Drop in Bobbin Sewing Machine. Etsy Dallas and Make Shop * Studio will be giving this baby away to one lucky winner at the Etsy Craft Party this Friday at Make Shop * Studio in Dallas.

So how do you win this FREE sewing machine? Easy!
RSVP for the Craft Party this Friday night by going to our Meet-Up page. Click "I'm interested" in the top right corner and once you see your name pop up on the sidebar, you're good.

Then drop by Make Shop * Studio (map) Friday between 7-9pm to collect your raffle ticket. Raffle tickets are free, but we will be graciously accepting donations to be given to La Reunion, an educational and artist outreach program striving to set up it's own sustainable artist residency program in Dallas.

There are many ways you can earn a raffle ticket:
1) Get your photo taken in the Etsy Dallas Photo Booth
2) Make a free no-sew fabric bunting or a fabric flower brooch at Make's DIY tables
3) Take a hit at our Pinata, Paco the Donkey
4) Sign up for our mailing list

We will also have fun prizes to raffle off including lots of fabulous art supplies and handmade goodies brought to us by Etsy Inc. So tell your friends, or don't, and come on by for some good fun, prizes and crafts!

Raffle winners will be chosen at the end of the party, and winners must be present to claim prizes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Party Favor Party + Moustaches-On-Sticks + A Piñata

It doesn't get better than moustaches-on-sticks, crafting good times, and a huge donkey piñata. Etsy Dallas members gathered at Larry's to make party favors and photo booth props for the upcoming Etsy Crafty Party this Friday at Make: free DIY crafts, free party punch, free photo booth, free piñata, free party favor bags, FREE FREE FREE! More info here.

Big thanks to all our volunteers this weekend: Maggie of Maggie May I (and daughter!), Kathleen of Seen Studios, Patricia of Karmacrochet, Larry of Kessler Craftsman, Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, Dylan of Dowdy Studio, Carrie of One Up Designs, Erin of Haute Hardware, Laura of laura davis design lab, Christina of Midnight Snack, Pam of Pamela Michelle, and yours truly of tefi. Photos below and the full set HERE.

posted by Stephanie "tefi" Hindall

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Category Spotlight: Home Goods

It's official: Etsy Dallas is chock-full of local talent! Take a look at our members in the Home Goods category, and you'll see what I mean:

A new member to Etsy Dallas, David of Ferrochie uses the craft of woodworking to create gorgeous chandeliers, candle holders and accents like large chess pieces. Pawn to queen four!

Weapons of choice: wood lathe, scroll saw


And catch David selling his woodwork creations at local Scottish and gaelic festivals in the north Texas area.

Jane Joss
Sisters-in-law Alyssa and Joslyn craft gorgeous fabric leaf bundles and bouquets that put any Michael's silk floral arrangement to shame. Their look is fresh and inviting with a sharp attention to detail in every stitched leaf.

Weapons of choice: sewing machine, pinking shears


laura davis/design lab
Furniture designer by day, embroidery maven by night! Laura uses vintage fabric and objects to create gorgeously fresh home decor like pillows, lamps and cake stands. You're going to want to clear a spot on your couch for this pillow.

Weapons of choice: bandsaw, staple gun, sewing machine


Midnight Snack
If embroidered pillows made with vintage linens aren't your thing, how about a big juicy T-bone to rest your head on? If meat's not your thing, how about a huge donut? Yum.

Weapon of choice: upholstery needle + thread


One-Up Designs
Spruce up your walls - not with paint, not with paper - with a vinyl decal from One Up! The man behind the scenes, one James Partch, uses modern style to create a solution to boring surfaces everywhere - walls, laptops, even your face. Stick one up!

Weapon of choice: Illustrator


Check out a couple of pottery artists in our group - Both Hands Studio and Rimrock View Studio - who also make some gorgeous home decor. They will be featured in a separate "Pottery" category spotlight next month!

written by Stephanie Hindall, a.k.a. tefi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: June 12 - 13

The Dallas Flea is a trendy flea market with over 50 local Texas businesses and well-known artists selling their art, furniture, clothing, jewelry and more directly to the public. Take home hip wares (vintage furniture, costume jewelry, burlap pillows, homemade cookies) from 50-plus Texas talents driving from as far as Fredericksburg. Listen to live music by country crooner Jackson Eli. Come early - schwag bags will be handed out to the first 100 shoppers.

Date: Saturday, June 12th
Time: 9am - 4pm
Location: South Side on Lamar, Dallas
More info: click here
Cost: $5 Admission at the door
Shop Etsy Dallas: Pamela Michelle, Dowdy Studio, Kessler Craftsman, Signifying Not, Tara to the T

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cooking with Etsy Dallas: Eat Your Veggies!

All this fresh summer produce has me getting crazy for veggies lately. I picked up some great fresh veggies at the local farmer's market. I ate tons of them raw and was ready for another way to eat them before they went bad.

So, I cut broccoli, mushrooms, red peppers and carrots into similar size pieces and added whole snow peas and the mixture below:

1 part olive oil
3 parts balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper

I used a large bowl to mix it all together and coat all the veggies. Pop them onto a baking sheet and into the oven at 350 degrees for about 30-45 minutes. Check them after 30 minutes to see if they are done enough. If not give them a few more minutes.

These are delicious as a side dish with a meal, cold as a snack, and if you chop the pieces a little smaller they work great in an omelette. Yum!

posted by Alicia Colina-Ashby / LaAlicia

Monday, June 7, 2010

Moustaches-on-a-Stick at the Etsy Craft Party

Not only if you attend the Etsy Craft Party in Dallas at Make will you get to indulge in free DIY crafts, a free photo booth, bust a piñata and much much more, but you will also get a chance to snag up a free party favor bag from Etsy Dallas. Each party favor bag is stuffed full of Etsy Dallas members' handmade goodies. Along with handmade magnets, notebooks, bubbles, kazoos, key chains, stickers and more, you will also get a handmade felt moustache-on-a-stick.

Etsy Dallas will have 100 of these party favor bags to give out. So how do you get one? Easy! Get your pic taken in the Etsy Dallas photo booth with you or with your friends, and each of you will get your own party favor bag just for coming to the party. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting your local handmade artists, designers and crafters! But when we're out, we're out and you'll just have to enjoy some great tunes, free crafts and party!

Want to make your own moustache-on-a-stick? Pamela Michelle has put together this easy step by step how to guide for you to do it at home.

So grab some supplies:
- Felt
- scissors
- long popsicle stick or craft stick
- hot glue gun
- sharpie
- moustache template (download here) from Lisa Welge

Now let's get to it:

Step 1
Pick a 'stache from the template, print it out and cut it out of the paper. If you're up to it and want to free hand your own moustache, and skip to step 3.

Step 2
You'll need 2 pieces of felt that are slightly larger than the template you just cut out. Lay them on top of each other, with the moustache template on top, then trace around the template onto the felt with a sharpie.

Step 3
Cut out your moustache shape

Step 4
Place your craft stick in between the two pieces of felt. Keep the stick off to one side of the moustache so that you can hold it to the side when it's finished.

Step 5
Grab that glue gun, but be careful of the heat! Ouch! Peel up one side of the moustache from the outer edge and smother the felt in hot glue. Work your way from the middle of the moustache to the outter edge, and slowly lay the top piece of felt back down as you glue. When you're finished gluing, press the 2 layers together, but be careful that the glue isn't too hot still . When finished with one side, do the other side.

Step 6
Let your moustache dry. Trim off any uneven edges that might have happened while you were laying the two pieces together.

Step 7
Model that 'stache!!! Show it off and take some pics, wear it to work or school or to a party! Moustache on a sticks are great for graduations, dance recitals, weddings, moving the lawn! There just isn't anything you can't do better without your new moustache on a stick.

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