Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Guide: Sept 4-5

Our sister team, Etsy Fort Worth, is putting on their first show this weekend and many of our talented Etsy Dallas members will be selling there goodies. Be sure to stop by and say hello, partake in handmade shopping and enjoy some live music, raffles, free goody bags and so much more!

And one of our favorite Jingle Bash vendors from Denton, TX:

Date: Sat, Sept 4th
Time: 9am-6pm
Location: Will Rodgers/the Round Up Inn
more info: click here

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love this time of year.There is something so special about the smell of new pencils, backpacks, and the great memories of picking out new great stuff for school. While I don't have to wait in the drop off/pick up lines or shop for supplies myself, I definitely take every opportunity to shop. It's a great time to find new cool stuff, fun supplies, and great deals.

Etsy would have been my favorite place (if it had been around) to pick up new gear. I can not tell you the number of lip balm's I'd lose at the bottom of my backpack along with my keys-- I love this solution by Karmacrochet.

Could you get a more perfect bag for back-to-school? Check out this great messenger bag by Cut out and Collect

The answer to a personalized bookcover- for your laptop. These vinyl decals sized perfectly for a laptop by One Up Designs are great! Who could resist a chimp?

Checkout this bookcover by Nerdbomber that is the perfect size for paperbacks! My high school self could have really used this, in fact if my copy of "Old Man and the Sea" would weep if it saw that it could have remained in-tact. ;)

All I can think when shopping Alicia Colina-Ashby is that I really wish she could have been a buddy of mine when trying to pass a note ;). I'm in love with the intricate folds and amazing accessories-- like this pouch (which would definitely be great for all the little bits that float around a book bag)

Who doesn't want to look great the first day of school (and really all the days). These earrings from superchica are super sweet.

This necklace by Haute Hardware would perk up any outfit with a great pop of color

Definitely check out all of Etsy Dallas for great back to school items. From shirts, accessories, to paper goods, personal care, and more I think you could find a little something beautiful and original just in time for back-to-school. Happy Shopping!

posted by Megan of Harrilu

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Search Safari

When was the last time you used the search term "EtsyDallas2010"? We use this tag to mark our items so that you can shop with out team members on Etsy! I found these little gems just doing a quick search. I thought they would make adorable and affordable late-summer "sorry you have to go back to school soon" gifts for teachers and students alike.

Cuttlefish Felt Patch by Nerdbomber, $5
Heidi Bobby Pins by Modest Ambition, $5
Bee Beau Brooch by La Alicia, $18
Perfect Peacock Clip by SillaSoup, $12
Botanical Coffee Cozie by OneUpDesign, $15
Shark Soap by The Pig And The Peacock, $3.50

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hmm...What to do with Stale Bread?

Dearest readers - My how our blog has gotten stale! It's like that piece of Wonder bread at the back of your pantry that everyone forgot about.... Our only excuse is that we have been up to our eyeballs in Jingle Bash applications, planning, etc. etc. (This show is going to ROCK!) So, with our focus back on our blog, I thought it'd be fun to ask my fellow teamies: What do you do with stale bread? Here's what they said:

"We use stale bread to make bread crumbs. And in Poland, we give it to babies who are teething. Under strict parental supervision of course!"

Maggie, maggie may i
"Watch my husband eat it. Seriously, that man will eat anything! He says as long as it smells good it's okay. And apparently stale bread does not smell bad. Neither did the sour cream that was way past its expiration date. And yes, I know the fastest way to get to the hospital just in case."

Alicia, La Alicia
"My fave thing to do with stale bread is feed it to the birds and ducks while I watch them."

Silla, silla soup
"Whiskey sauce bread pudding. Dunno what we're eating for dinner tonight, but I gots me an idea for dessert!" CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

And my answer:
"Why not use it in drywall? Go green! (Right? No?)"

posted by Stephanie of tefi
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