Sunday, July 31, 2011

Member Spotlight: The Pig And The Peacock

What a way to start the week off fresh! Today we're talking with Sabrina and Jenny Abney of The Pig and The Peacock, who make incredibly amazing bath and body products. (So fresh and so clean, clean!)

Etsy Dallas: When did you start your shop, and how/why did you get started?

The Pig and the Peacock: We started in March of 2008 making bath salts and gift baskets for our friends. It quickly snowballed into so much more!

ED: What kinds of products do you sell? What materials do you work with?

PP: We sell bath and body products and candles. We make soap, lotion, body polish, body mist, body whip, bath salts and lotion bars. We use shea butter, olive oil, jojoba and other skin loving ingredients. For our candles we use 100% soy wax.

ED: Any new additions to your shop?

PP: We recently listed a new line of soaps, The Chakra Soap Collection! We are very excited about it. Each soap is made in the color representing each chakra, and we have custom blended scents for all of the soaps to help you connect to and balance your chakras.

ED: What inspires you? Where/when do you work on making products for your shop?

PP: Travel and design inspire us most. We often try to tie scents to places we have traveled to, like lavender and oranges from Italy, teak in Thailand, and wine from California. Design also sparks a lot of creativity for us, we will often see something we love and try to figure out how we can translate those design ideas into soap. Not only does this challenge us creatively, but also technically as some ideas can be really hard to translate to soap!

ED: So tell us about yourselves...

PP/Sabrina: I live downtown and love it! My boyfriend and I have a very spoiled lab/rottie mutt and I love him like my child. My day job is Manager of Planning and Allocations for a national retailer. Jenny lives in N Dallas, and she is VP of a commercial fan company. We are sisters (if I hadn't mentioned) and have lived in Dallas most our lives. Jenny was born in Vietnam and lived overseas for some time. Growing up we split our time between Dallas and our family farm in GA, where the inspiration for our shop name came from. We also both ice skate competitively, it's probably the coolest (literally!) hobby we have!

Find some of The Pig And The Peacock's products locally at the
Abundance Boutique at Move Studio and at the Mapleshade Spa, and of course in their etsy shop!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Discover Pinterest

Today, Yony from YLKphotography introduces us to the inspiring world of Pinterest.

Who’s on Pinterest? Etsy Dallas is on Pinterest! “What is Pinterest,” you ask? Oh ho ho, if you haven’t yet experienced this wondrous, awe-inspiring visual onslaught, you don’t know what you’re missing!

As it states in its About section, “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard” and their mission is “to connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting... With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.” Sounds intriguing, right? That’s because it is!

Many of us team members have our own personal Pinterest boards, but we are also adding pins to the Etsy Dallas boards every day. You never know what new items we’re adding to our Etsy shops, so this is a great place to come and browse! You simply click on a board and you can see all of the pins added from that shop in one place. How cool is that?

Talk about eye candy. Artists are visual beings by nature, so browsing through Pinterest and pinning and re-pinning bits of gorgeousness to our organized boards is like the ultimate sugar high.

Keep in mind that some of us are on Pinterest as our actual shop names, so you can do a search to find our personal boards, as well! Wanna know what inspires us? Wanna know what makes us tick? Take a gander at some of our boards and maybe you’ll get a glimpse! Join Pinterest and start following the Etsy Dallas boards today!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Guide July 30 + 31

Date: Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31

Time: 7am-3pm (both days)

Location: Good 2 Go Taco, 1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas

More Info:

Etsy Dallas Member Participating: Dowdy Studio

Artist Deadline: This Sunday, July 31st

Hey all makers of handmade and awesome from Dallas and beyond. We're looking for you! The Jingle Bash applications will be open thru this Sunday, July 31st. Click here to apply for a booth space in 4th Annual Jingle Bash!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beat the Heat with Some Etsy Dallas Treats

1. Pick a Bloomer by threeyellowstarfish
2. Whooping Crane Limited Edition Print by beethings
3. Crocheted Award Badge by modestambition
4. Persephone Square Button by bonnybeads
5. Large Blue Narwhal by Crochette
6. Whimsical Zipper Flower Brooch by artTdolls
7. Camera Strap Sleeves by fortheloveofjoy
8. Crochet Bow Brooches by SheepishKnitCrochet

Thank you to Anna from For the Love of Joy for sharing these lovely cool picks to beat this sizzling summer heat.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet the Pets of Etsy Dallas

On top of a love for all things handmade, Etsy Dallas loves pets! They are our best friends, the love of our lives, and for some Etsy Dallas members, they make the best models!

Meet Leia, a two year old yorkie, who is the most adorable little model for DC Imaginations Chau Ly. Leia likes to spend her summers hanging with her favorite ducky toy and sleeping. While she is afraid of the vacuum, she likes to bully the other dog in the house, by stealing his food and chasing him in the yard!

Another dog model is Olive, part of a dog and cat trio at Maria Day's house. Olive and her brother Sammy are both chocolate labs and have been on billboards with local radio personalities-in fact; Olive loves the camera and loves to be in photo shoots!

The two love to play with their feline friend, Wasabi who was rescued by Maria when only a few hours old. Sammy was also rescued by Maria, who found him walking the city streets (hooray for rescues). When these three aren't running around the house like crazy entertaining their parents, perhaps Maria should stop feeding them popcorn, which she says is like crack for them!

Dacia of The Ruffly Owl has two talented pups, Emma and Hiro, both rat terriers. These two mischievous pups love treats and have been known to help themselves to stuff on the counter. They thought that they were teaming up to climb up to the high counter, but as it turns out, they are quite the high jumpers!

Another special talent? They roll over and play dead when you say "bang"! How cool are they?

A lot of our Etsy Dallas members have rescued their four legged friends. Stefanie, of Tefi, is a lifelong animal advocate and has rescued many a furry friend. Most have gone on to find forever homes with others, but a few stole her heart. The first rescue that became a permanent family member was George, a little white kitty she smuggled into her UT Austin dorm in 1994.

Then, when Stephanie started volunteering at Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter, she walked a little white fur ball named Oliver. When Oliver became ill, she took him home and nursed him back to health, and the rest is history.

Lastly, to round out her fur family, is a kitty, Zoe, that she saved in the "snowpocalypse" this past March. Zoe loves to play with Stephanie's son Ian, so even though she is allergic to cats, it's all worth it.

Operation Kindness is also where Etsy Dallas member Laura Childs, of childsPLAYdesign, adopted her two rescue dogs, Jess-a hound dog, and Daisy an English pointer.

Jess, who is 12, loves to sleep the day away, while younger sister Daisy (11) scans the yard, patrolling for squirrels. She is actually so good at catching squirrels, that she proudly brings them back to Laura, who now has special "squirrel disposal" gloves (ick)!

Jess's favorite treat is ice cubes, which is perfect for beating the summer heat, but he will eat pretty much anything (including Daisy's squirrels), which is why Laura describes them as the fat one and the fast one!

Another rescued pup is Opie, a 10 year old lab rottie mix, who also likes to chase squirrels (although he finds opossums much easier to catch). He was found near downtown Dallas, tangled up in a fence when he was a puppy. Once he looked up with those big puppy eyes, Sabrina, of The Pig and the Peacock, was in love (even though she is allergic to dogs).

Although he used to be afraid of the water, he finally found his water legs (the lab in him) and now it is impossible to get him out of the water, especially in the summertime. There was even a time that he swam so far into White Rock Lake, Sabrina was sure they would have to swim out to rescue him.

Another dog in the Pig and Peacock family is Jenny's dog Buddy, an English lab, who was best buds with Opie. The pair went on camping trips, hiking, and weekends to the lake house together with the family.

Etsy Dallas also has its fair share of feline fur babies. Cats, true to form, are quite opinionated, and these kitties are no different.

Twelve year old Sam, a Bengal cat, is very vocal. Anytime owner Patricia, of Karmacrochet, says "No" to him, he is sure to tell her how he feels about that. He is also quite the cat "alarm", not only does he wake Patricia up when he hears the alarm clock, he has also alerted her when an electrical fire broke out in the middle of the night!

Another Etsy Dallas kitty is Zena, a Siamese mix. Also an alarm clock, she has decided that mom Bonnie, of BonnyBeads, no longer needs her beauty sleep on the weekends, and nips at her until she wakes. Ouch!

Xena, true to her warrior princess namesake, puts up a good fight when it is time to go to the vet. It has take Bonnie over 30 minutes (and quite a few Band-Aids) to get Xena in her sherpa bag for the vet. So if anyone knows of any house call vets, send their names her way.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist Spotlight

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I spoke with Summer of Signifying Not about what she likes to listen to when she is feeling inspired, or is searching for inspiration. Enjoy getting a glimpse into Summer's creative process!

M: What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?

S: I really like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I am creating. I listen to episodes of This American Life and podcasts about illustration and art like Big Illustration Party Time and Escape from Illustration Island. When I do listen to music, it depends on my mood, but I really love indie, folk, and instrumental.

M: Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

S: Yes, I feel more inspired by music that has a literal or implied story or vivid imagery.

M: How does music fit into your creative routine?

S: Sometimes I use music as a well to break out of a creative block. I prefer to listen to music during the idea/brainstorming stage and podcasts during the actual creation of the work. Usually I am not planning to come up with an idea, but when I am listening to a really good song, something just comes to me.

M: Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

S: I've gotten really into British folk scene recently - Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn. I also love The Decemberists, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine

(Pictured in Collage - Mumford and Sons, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine)

M: Thank you so much for sharing Summer! Now it's time to turn up some tunes and get back to being crafty! ;-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Guide July 23 + 34

Learn to Crochet a Summer Swim Bag

Date: Sunday, July 24
Time: 11am - 2pm
Location: Oil & Cotton, 837 W. 7th St, Dallas
Cost: $55
More Info: "Crocheted Summer Swim Bag" class
Etsy Dallas Member Participating: Modest Ambition

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trend Spot: Yellow & Gray

You don't have to be in the design world to know what the hot hopping color trend is right now. Here's some amazing eye candy to satisfy your "yellow and gray" cravings from Etsy Dallas.


Thanks to Anna Joy of For the Love of Joy for sharing this trend spotlight.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Handmade Days - Laura of childsPLAYdesign

Making your art your day job isn't necessarily a conscious choice for some. When you ask an artist what made you want to become an artist, most will tell you that it really wasn't a choice, it just was, since as far back as they can remember. Likewise, when some artists decide to become their own boss and work for themselves full-time it's not just a choice, but the way they've always envisioned it to be. Common perception is that artists as have a fun and easy job, but most artists we know are also some of the hardest working individuals out there. It's hard work making it fun. One of these self-employed and driven artists is Laura Childs, the creativity, the thread and needle behind childsPLAYdesign. We asked Laura a few questions to see what her full-time art business is like so we can peek into her handmade days.

Quick Facts
Name: Laura Childs
Your shop: childsPLAYdesign
your web links:
how long have you been doing this full time? about a year and a half

1. What inspired you to start your very own handmade business?
I made a career change & needed to find work that was more fulfilling. I had always been an arts & craft consumer (I actually had my own weaving business back in my 20s) & have a house full of yummy things I've bought over the years. One day I happened upon etsy & frankly got caught in the swirl of its energy and creativity and uniqueness. I have always had an eye for good design, loved to fondle fabric (in a good way!) and knew how to sew, so the planets seemed to align and away I went! The business has evolved, been edited, and swerved occasionally to what is now essentially quilts and home accessories.

2. What's your daily work routine like from morning to night?

I typically am woken up by 2 hungry dogs willing me awake by staring at me between 5 & 5:30 a.m. They get fed, I catch up on the news (newspaper, tv, NPR, internet) and do computer work (email, etsy, etc.). Take dogs for a walk, pick up/clean up and am at work by 7:30/8 a.m. "At work" could mean at the sewing machine sewing or planning and cutting my next project or taping and basting a quilt. It could also mean applying for craft shows, listing work on etsy, photographing items and even paying bills. Typically work til lunch, play with the dogs, catch up on blogs and then back to sewing at 1 with music at full blast. Continue until about 6 when dogs are staring at me again for dinner. Back to computer, mail, tv and any hand sewing. In bed by a delicious 10 pm.

3. What new projects are you working on right now?
Lovely new baby and lap quilts with some gorgeous fabrics with an occasional picnic quilt using laminated cotton. Also just saw a new pattern to make a fabric kite (just for looks--not for flying) that I'm dying to try out. Oh, and a stuffed patchwork dog. And then there's the houndstooth quilt that I saw in pink that made me drool....and so on and so on!

4. Why do you feel it's important to buy from handmade artists like yourself?
I always say, it's an optimistic thing to do and it's a small and easy way to support creativity and the arts and reconnect with humanity again. With budget slashing, foreclosures, wars and uprisings topping the news every day, and technology replacing face to face interaction, buying handmade suggests one believes in the individual person, the individual spirit of entrepeneurship and that, yes, one person can impact another person's life for the better. Have you ever seen anyone buying handmade not happy or smiling?

5. Why do you think the Dallas area is a good place to be an independent handmade artist?
Because of Etsy Dallas (of course!) and the great support it gives its members as well as the handmade movement in general. But also because there are pockets of arts & craft groups around the city that help publicize the effort. Additionally the city's investment into the arts downtown can only increase the public's awareness of the need for culture and art or craft in one's life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A call to artists from the Jingle Bash!

Hey artists! The Jingle Bash is pleased to announce that artist applications will be available to you starting July 18th through July 31st on the Handmade Bash website.

Artist info is available now here

Weekend Guide: July 15-17

Dowdy Studio Wagon @ Bolsa Cafe
date: Sat+Sun. July 16-17time: Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-2pm
location: Bolsa Cafe's parking lot, 614 West Davis Dr Dallas, TX
more info:

ReGeared at 2011 ART CON SEED - Better Gnomes and Garden Show
Date: July 15th
Time: 7pm - 12pm
Location: The Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226
Cost: $10
More Info: SEED will raise the “seed money” to enable Art Conspiracy to put on its major fundraiser in the fall of 2011. Live auction. Live music.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Sales from Etsy Dallas

CutOut and Collect
Moving Sale - all items marked down
Use promo code FREESHIP for free shipping on domestic orders over $40

Free gift* with any purchase,
*select a magnet set, mirror, or bookmark.

Shop's 2nd Anniversary Sale from July 25 - July 30.
Buy any 2 items, get free shipping.

Signifying Not
Last Chance Sale - certain styles marked down for clearance

La Alicia
Christmas in July Sale - 20% OFF
July 15-31
Coupon Code: 20CIJ2011


Christmas in July Sale
20% off entire shop
coupon code - sizzlesale11
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