Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: The Pig and the Peacock

Etsy Dallas favorites, Sabrina and Jenny of The Pig and the Peacock make beautiful handcrafted soaps, lotions, and candles. Their booth is an aromatic feast, so be sure check them out on Saturday! Look for the huge crowd surrounding these two lovely sisters, smiling and packaging orders, you can't miss them!

Are you debuting any new items at the Spring Bash?
We have made several new soaps that we will introduce at the Bash including Black Currant, Honeysuckle, and Cranberry Salsa. You’ll have to check out our booth to find the rest! We’ll also have some new Spring/Summer scents in our candles.

Do you have any favorite stories from your customers about your products?
I think our favorite story is not from any specific customer, but many people tell us our soaps look good enough to eat, and in fact, it’s true! We have had a couple of people receive our soaps as gifts and take a bite out of them before realizing what it was! 

How has your work evolved since you began The Pig and The Peacock?
Our collection is constantly changing and growing. We have more ideas and designs in our heads than we can possibly ever make so we have started rotating out scents and designs to make room for new ones. We have also added new product lines the past couple of years, like our new lip balms and our DejaVino Wine Bottle Candles.

Sponsor Spotlight: Regal Cottage

Etsy Dallas rockstar, Regina from Regal Cottage has been preparing for the Spring Bash for months! I always adore her precious toys, and look forward to her booth. Be sure to visit her on Saturday, and add her on Instagram to peek inside design and production of her fun and thoughtful work!

How has your collection evolved since you began Regal Cottage?
My collection has definitely evolved over the years. I started out making kids' clothing and made a few toys just for fun. I quickly realized that I enjoyed making toys so much more. I knew I would do best if I followed my heart and focused on creating eco-friendly toys. Over the last year, I have worked to develop my own exclusive fabric designs. I love incorporating my original illustrations into my work. It gives me the ability to make each of my most popular products in coordinating fabrics from larger plush toys and baby rattles to plush balls and teethers. 

Do you have any favorite stories from customers?
My favorite customer story is when an expecting Mom bought a ball for her baby-to-be. She later let me know that she knew her baby would love it, but she was amazed to see just how obsessed she became over time with that ball. She took it everywhere, and her first word was even "ball." That Mom has become one of my best customers. She buys a rattle ball from me for every baby shower she attends. Every time I see her order come in, it brings such a smile to my face. 

What are you selling at the Spring Bash this year?
I will be bringing our best selling rattle balls, in new bright spring colors with bold geometric prints and lots of our wildly popular metallic moon, cloud and star pillows.

Sponsor Spotlight: In Your Bones

Meet my incredible friend, Gabriela, creator behind In Your Bones, a colorful and kind business benefitting Texas Husky Rescue.

Gabriela is a seasoned participant in the Etsy Dallas Bashes, and her booth is always packed with bright, unique, and heirloom quality sewn goods and embroidery. She lives in Austin area, keeps a small orchard and a few beehives, along with her four rescued huskies, and is a proud and fervent supporter of small business. Her work and support helped save over 300 dogs last year!

You can follow In Your Bones on Instagram for a peek into her beautiful life, and be sure to check out her shop, and come by the In Your Bones booth at the Spring Bash on Saturday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Spring Bash Bag Reveal!

The Spring Bash kicks off at 10:30am this year, but you may want to get there early for a chance to snag one of our ever popular Bash Bags. The first 50 shoppers in line for the Bash will get one of these reusable bags chock full of Spring Bash vendor swag!

At the Bash Bag stuffing party we got a sneak peek at what's in the bag and are pretty excited (anyone wanna wait in line for us?!) and we think you will be too!

A huge thank you to our amazing Bash Bag sponsors this year:

Guys & Ties - Bow Ties
Wandering Paper Co - Cards
Precious Little Tot - Key Chains Wristlet
The Pig and the Peacock - Handmade Soap
Of Earth - Necklaces 
Captivated Calligraphy - Cards
Quirk + Thrift - Coin Purse
A Cheery Blossom - Leather Cord Wraps
Unboxed Studio - Pencils 
Expressions Bracelets - Charms
InYourBones - Embroidered Appliqués 
Land of the Thread - Bracelets
Lemon Glaze - Charms
Makers Connect - Buttons 
Kathleen Care Jewelry - Bracelets 
Tessa Bunny's - Organic Play Clay
Silver Tines Spoon Jewelry - Key Chains 
Tesoro Jewelry - Engraved Bracelets
And some surprises from Pop Shop America, PediaQ, and Etsy Dallas!

Don't forget, to get your very own Bash Bag you'll have to get there early! See you Saturday!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: DallasChild

For several years now, we have had the wonderful fortune to have our events sponsored by DallasChild, our favorite family friendly local magazine!  With the Spring Bash coming this Saturday (HOORAY!), I wanted to introduce you to this incredible resource.

Looking for fun events and exhibits to take your kids to in the DFW area this month?  DallasChild has you covered.  Check out their Monthly Calendar!

Or, maybe you want to plan your own family outing, like a picnic or a hike?  DallasChild has a list of the best Nature Trails, and have even included available hours and price!

Need some tips on making "Mom friends" with like-minded parenting values?  DallasChild has a featured article on this topic right now!  They always have something new and beneficial to read, learn, and bring home to your family.

So, you need to find a new doctor, and want recommendations?  You guessed it, DallasChild has built an amazing database of recommended local doctors of every specialty.  If you are interested, read more about their Mom-Approved Doctors.

There is veritable bounty of parental information to peruse- party planning, local mother profiles, contests, reviews, volunteer opportunities, and attractions.  Oh, and did I mention that this is a FREE resource?  I know, it just doesn't get better than that!  Sign up to receive their newsletter, and monthly publication!

They are currently giving away $50 to spend at the Spring Bash.  Take this link to enter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make Macramé Bracelets with Kathleen Care

Howdy crafty buddies!  My friend Kathleen Care is here today to show us how to make these simple, modern macramé bracelets!  Oh, the color and supply possibilities are endless!  Make some for yourself or with your kiddos and their besties!

Materials: .8mm Chinese knotting cord                
Cut cord: 2 x 15” pieces, 2 x 3’ pieces, 1 x 16” piece

Step 1: Attached cord to each side of the connector. Fold the 15” piece in half and thread through connector. Bring ends back through the loop and pull to tighten.


Step 2: Attached one of the 3’ pieces. Center under the 2 middle strands and tie with simple knot to attach. Fold the RIGHT cord over the Middle strands and under the LEFT cord. See below picture. Pull the LEFT cord under the RIGHT and MIDDLE strands and through the loop on the RIGHT side. See picture below.



Pull tight and slide the knot up to the top next to connector. The knot you just completed in the first step in making a square knot.


Step 3 Finish the second half of the square knots by folding the LEFT cord over the MIDDLE strands and under the RIGHT cord. Pull RIGHT cord under the LEFT and MIDDLE strands and through the loop on the LEFT side. See below pictures.



Pull to tighten. This completes the square knot. See picture below.


Step 4: Repeat this pattern until desired length is reached. Keep in mind the clasp will take up about ½”. Leave all the tails of your working cord until you have completed both sides to make necessary adjustments. Step 5: Repeat all the steps on the other side of the connector. Clip tails of the working cord but make sure you leave the tails of the MIDDLE strands to attach the clasp. See picture with labels for clarification.


Step 6: Making the clasp. Use the same square not pattern used to create the first parts of the bracelet, only you will have 4 middle strands now instead of 2. See pictures below.


1. To make the sliding closure, shape the bracelet into a circle and overlap the middle strands. Use wire or scrap cord to temporarily tie the cords together at each end if needed.
 2. Take the 16” cord piece and cent it under the strands.
 3. Start tying square knots exactly the same way you did to make the bracelet.
 4. Stop after about 1/2” of knotting.
 5. Remove temporary binding cords.
 Step 7: Finishing. The 2 sets of middle strands are now the adjustable ties of the bracelet. Adjust to fit over the hand and wrist and tie each end into simple knots. Step 8: Fire. Clip and burn all excess cord ends to keep from fraying. See closure in picture below.


Enjoy, and show us what you make with the #etsydallastutorial hashtag on Instagram!  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Drum Roll Please! Meet the 2016 Spring Bash Featured Artists!

Good afternoon, friends and crafters!  I've got a special sneaky peek for you today!  Spring Bash is just around the corner on April 30th, and these artists have gone out of their way to help make this bash the best one yet!  Check out their shops, and put them on your list.  It's time to get excited!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Awareness with Expressions Bracelets

Today is Autism Awareness Day, and Etsy Dallas' very own, SaRatta Murphy of Expressions Bracelets spoke with Good Morning Texas about her inspiration behind each of her bracelets.

There are few things I admire more than a woman working hard to bring awareness and change. Watch her spotlight below, and visit her shop to support her cause.  Beautiful and inspirational.

Local Woman is Bringing Awareness to Autism Through One-of-a-Kind jewelry
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