Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: FotoFuze

In a long line of consumer-created applications for Etsy sellers to use to enhance their Etsy shops, FotoFuze stands out from the crowd. As their web site states, FotoFuze costs, "Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Free." Learn more about this new application (from their site):

What is FotoFuze?
FotoFuze is a professional 3D product photography and 2D image enhancement service. To help keep your business looking fresh and up to date, you can add sets of photos to our website and our software will process those photos into professional-looking product photography for free, which you can access from any computer, any time when you Join FotoFuze (also free!).

Sample "fuze" from their web site

And signing up is super easy. You can either do via their home page or sign up via your Etsy shop! I did it with a simple click of the mouse. Then you pick which of your photos you want to enhance, let the software do it's thing then presto! One more click and you've published your FotoFuze-enhanced image in your Etsy shop.

We are thrilled to partner with FotoFuze, one of our top sponsors of the 3rd Annual Jingle Bash. Stop by their sponsor booth at the Bash this Saturday to learn more and see the magic in person.

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Ashley Jennings said...

Great app! where to go Texas! Love it! How do we get people to use it?

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