Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Membership Announcement

As promised, we'll be having our annual membership drive later this month. The drive will open on January 12th and close on January 19th. The application will be posted on our Etsy Dallas web site. Stay tuned for guidelines for membership consideration and other details. We're excited to see all the new craftastic talent that has developed over the past year!

Love, the Etsy Dallas Leadership Team


Sabrina & Jenny/The Pig and the Peacock said...

Yea! Looking forward to another craftastic year!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to ! :)

silla soup said...

i remember applying last year and how excited i was when i got accepted! i didn't know then how it would change my life!! etsy dallas rocks!!

Tamstyles said...

I would love to post any home decor items on my blog...i dont recall ever being on this blog and i live in dallas.

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